Saint Edward Mission Prayer

Heavenly Father, you call us from many lands to gather around your table. Grant us the grace to embrace our multicultural diversity as we unite to celebrate Eucharist as one Catholic faith community.

Bread of Life, You call us to be bread for the world. Open our hearts that we may recognize Christ broken in our midst. Be our nourishment and strength as we reach out with our hands to help.

Word of God, you speak of your love for us. Help us follow the example of your Word as we welcome the stranger in our midst and be haven and consolation to those in need.

Spirit of God, you give your wisdom to those who seek you. Show us the Way as we pass on to all youths entrusted to our care the traditions, teachings and values of our Catholic faith.

God our Father, infuse our hearts and minds with your will as we commit ourselves to be hospitality and life in our parish and to spread your Good News to hose who have yet to partake of your feast.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen !