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Feast of Saint Edward
Organ Concert
October 13th, 2020 6:30pm
Saint Edward Catholic Church
Seattle, WA

Hymn Tune: S EDWARD, CONFESSOR – Verse 1
Due to restrictions regarding singing during the pandemic, please refrain from joining in song.
We look forward to the day we may safely raise our voices together again!

Offertoire sur les grands jeux (Messe pour les paroisses) François Couperin (1668-1733)

Hymn Tune: S EDWARD, CONFESSOR – Verse 2

Pièce d’orgue, BWV 572 J.S. Bach (1685-1750)

Hymn Tune: S EDWARD, CONFESSOR – Verse 3

Toccata on Amazing Grace Christopher Pardini

1 Advance! Advance! The day iscome,
To sing our Maker’s praises;
Each thankful heart in faith andhope,
The strain of joy upraises:
In robes all pure and white
We chase the shades of night,
The gloom shall pass away
Before the dawn of day;
The Lord of Hosts is with us.

2 Advance! Advance! thoughsore the strife,
Though timid hearts are quailing,
The Lord of Hosts doth lead our van,
And He is all availing:
With His blest Presence near,
No mortal foe we fear;
Our Captain goes before,
‘Mid strife of battle sore;
The Lord of Hosts is with us.

3 Advance! Advance! lift up your hearts,
The sky above doth lighten;
Most dark around the shadows fall,
Ere rays of dawn may brighten:
The night is dark and chill,
The dawn is on the hill,
We reck not of the night,
’Twill soon be warm and bright;
The Lord of Hosts is with us.

Offertoire sur les grands jeux (Messe pour les paroisses, 1690)
François Couperin was an influential French Baroque musician – a contemporary of J.S. Bach and
Jean-Philippe Rameau, he was held in very high esteem as an organist and harpsichordist. Born
into a musical family and destined to succeed his father’s career, Couperin learned to make music
before he could read and write. Upon the death of his father, who was organist at Saint-Gervais in
Paris, Couperin (then aged 11) was promised the position once he had finished his studies and
gained more experience. Pursuing these studies brought him into the inner circle of Louis XIV, the
Sun King, and he became one of the King’s personal organists at the Château de Versailles,
eventually becoming organiste titulaire at Saint-Gervais as well.
François Couperin’s legacy of 126 surviving musical works consists of keyboard music as well as
chamber and vocal music. Almost every organist learns his two Masses in their lifetime: Mass for
the Parishes and Mass for the Convents. These works were a gift to the village organist who didn’t
receive a long musical education. Employed by a flamboyant king who represented the pinnacle of
French culture and was famous for his love of dancing, Couperin frequently incorporated elements
of dance into his works, both sacred and secular.
Recommended listening: 3 Leçons de ténèbres, Les barricades mystérieuses.

Pièce d’orgue BWV 572 (published before 1717)
J.S. Bach is a household name in our time. Revered by many as the unsurpassable master of
Western music, Bach was an unmatched improviser who could play in his native German style,
French style, Italian style, Spanish style, and English style. In fact, in his lifetime he was better
known for his performances rather than his compositions, of which there are over one thousand.
Bach’s posthumous fame is entirely thanks to Felix Mendelssohn, who rescued Bach’s music from
obscurity nearly 200 years after Bach’s death (the St. Matthew Passion was the first reintroduced
work). The Pièce d’orgue is the only piece by Bach with a French title and is considered to be a
response to the Livre d’Orgue published by Nicolas de Grigny, a notable colleague of Bach.
Bach was a devout Lutheran and applied symbolism in all of his music. The first movement,
labeled très vitement, demonstrates the organist’s ability to play a single voice cleanly and quickly.
This stand-alone melody represents the shepherd running, perhaps even skipping for joy, across the
hills bearing the good news of Christ’s birth. The second movement demonstrates Bach’s mastery of
counterpoint, which focuses on harmonic relationships and challenges the performer to quite
literally follow Christ’s footsteps on the pedalboard. A long pedal scale leads us along the Way of
the Cross to the shocking final diminished chord that marks Christ’s crucifixion. The final
movement is a fiery improvisatory coda in which we witness Christ’s descent to the Dead and
explosive resurrection from the depths of the organ’s register.
Recommended listening: Netherlands Bach Society (YouTube).

Toccata on Amazing Grace (1993)
American organist Christopher Pardini was organist at the Crystal Cathedral in Cedar Grove, CA,
now Christ Cathedral. He performed regularly for the televised “Hour of Power” program, for
which this toccata was written. Kyle remembers watching this program on cable television as a
child. The melody is first played on the Trompette en chamade, which are the trumpet-like pipes
protruding horizontally from the organ’s façade. It is the organ’s most prominent rank, symbolizing
the celestial fanfare announcing Christ’s coming, triumph, resurrection, and the intensity of prayer.
Until quite recently, the organ at St. Edward was one of only two organs in town to feature such
pipes, the other set belonging to the Flentrop organ in St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Kyle became organist at St. Edward in March 2020. He first studied under Dr. Clint Kraus at St. James
Cathedral, then under Dr. Carole Terry at UW where he earned a Bachelor of Music in pipe organ
performance (2014). During and after his time at university, Kyle traveled to France for private instruction
and in 2015 he attended an intensive summer program at the Château de Versailles and Royaumont Abbey, where he received instruction from Jean-Baptiste Robin on historic French organs.
When not accompanying services Kyle enjoys gardening, reading French, participating in local music events, and teaching music privately. He actively serves as a board member at large with the Seattle chapter of the American Guild of Organists. He is also part of the committee for the 2022 AGO National Convention.

This recital will be live-streamed and limited seating will be available on the St. Edward’s parish website. Any donations will go toward regular maintenance of the organ. Suggested donation: $10. To donate online, click here to go to myEoffering and donate to the St. Edward Concert.
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