Baptism Guidelines

Dear Parents and Godparents,

My message to you as you start the process of your child's Baptism:  Understand and reflect on the significance of what your child will be receiving in this Baptism.  It is your responsibility as parents and godparents to raise this child in our Catholic faith.  Be an example.  Nourish and strenghten yourself spiritually with personal prayers and worship with our parish community. 

May God bless you and your family,

Fr. K. Scott Connolly, Pastor

Before we can schedule your child's Baptism, the family must meet the following requirements:
1)  Registered and active in the parish
2)  Attend a Baptismal Preparation Class

If you are not registered in the parish, we ask that you register and join our parish community.  Becoming a registered parishioner means you are making your spiritual home here at St. Edward Church.  That you intend to share your stewardship of time, talent, and treasure, and be an active member of the St. Edward Parish Community.

If you are newly registered parishioner, you may schedule your child's Baptism 3 months after your registration.

If you are a member of another parish and you wish to have your child Baptized here at St. Edward, you can do so by contacting your parish and asking them to write a letter stating you are a parishioner of that parish, that the pastor gives permission for you to have the Baptism at St. Edward, and that you have already completed a Baptismal Preparation class.

If you are a registered parishioner and have attended a Baptism Preparation class in the last three years, you may contact the parish office for a schedule of dates available for Baptisms.

For families who will have their first Baptism or it has been more than 3 years since the last Baptism, we ask that you and the 2 main godparents attend a Baptism Preparation class.

Why do we ask families and godparents to attend the class?  So that you have an understanding of what it means to have the child Baptized in the Catholic faith.  "For the grace of Baptism to unfold, the parents' help is important.  So too is the role of the Godfather and Godmother who must be firm believers..." #1255 Catechism of the Catholic Church 

As parents and godparents, you have a responsibility in raising the child in our Catholic faith. 

After completing the class, you are ready to take the next step in scheduling your child's Baptism.

Baptism classes are offered in English and Spanish every second Saturday of the month. See the parish calendar for available dates. The fee for taking the class is $50. You must register for the class at the parish office and pay the class fee before attending the Baptismal preparation class.

After registering in the parish and attending the Baptism Preparation class, the parish office will contact you to fill out a Baptism Registration form and request the date you wish to have your child Baptized.  We ask that you bring a copy of your child's birth certificate to the parish office.

Please note, children 7 years and older must attend Religious Education classes in order to receive Baptism.

The parish office will call you to confirm the date you requested.  It is important you do not send out invitations and make reservations before the date you requested has been confirmed.

On the day of the Baptism, during this time of the covid-19 pandemic, the Archdioces of Seattle guidelines states that Baptisms be held outside of Mass. If plan to attend Mass you may do so at the 6:00pm Saturday vigil or the 10:30 am or 1:00 pm Sunday Masses. Baptism will occur after Mass is over. We also ask that you respect the sanctity of this occasion by dressing appropriately for Mass and maintaining social distance.